You are free to bookmark some of these sites in case you are having a not so pleasant day at work or at home. You will realize that these sites will sooth you and appeal to your ego in a way that you will love. Some of these sites are:-

Here is today

This is site that calls for your active interaction. You will be required to view and enter a day of your choice and you will receive some interesting and entraining quotes about that day. You will love this I have no doubt.

Do nothing for two minutes

This site prompts you to take a break away from your busy schedule. As you relax, you will be treated to some very refreshing waves of sound for two minutes or slightly more. Once you move your mouse or the cursor of your laptop, the timing is reset and starts to count again.

Weave silk

This is a site that is made in such an interactive manner and in an artistic manner. The arts here is made to play for you some cool music and some relaxing sounds hence making you get away with the arts that you made yourself. What a feeling!


The thoughts room

You are required to part with everything that you are holding. After that, just think on what is disturbing you for a moment. Once you do that, the site will prompt you to download all burdens that are weighing on you. On doing that, the status box disappears and bursts into so many stars thus giving you the rest that you so desperately needed.

Rainy mood

This is a funny site. Imagine all you have to do is sit back on your chair and listen as the rains splash. Okay. Do that and watch your thoughts melt away.

Ell Slap!

You did not see this coming. Did you? I guess no. Scroll over a certain man on the site and give him a slap by using an eel. It feels better. Does it? It will feel much better if you do this on slow motion. A wonderful feeling I tell you.

Paint a nebula

On this site, the universe becomes your book! Imagine this. The entire universe being a page of your book all for you to use! You are then required to color some specific areas with colors of choice. The colors are available for you so you need not worry where you will get them.


Cat Bounce

What a site this is! You are just called upon to view some cats as they bounce. As they bounce on your screen, the color on the background changes to resonate with the moves that they are making. You cannot look away from this. Can you? No, you can’t.

Staggering beauty

This is the internet version of a balloon that dances for you. It has some very exciting moves.

Hey there! While surfing on the internet, somehow our most primary purpose is to get some good entertainment. If you surf a quality time on internet probably at your job or for your working then you too are familiar with the need of entertainment to keep you going till the end.

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