You should not allow boredom to get into your mind in this era of internet. Creative minds have made sure that you are entertained all along. Anytime boredom tries to set in, always remember that you have a friend that is committed to your laughter and humor. This friend is the internet. There are new pages that are coming up day in day out to ensure that your spirit remains high and that you can give your best at all times; be it in a meeting, a corporate team building, or a friend’s birthday party. You work is to view the pages and choose the ones that make you happy. Check the ones below and make a witty choice.


This is game whose base is guide to the galaxy as given by the Hitchhikers. It is not a simple game to play. I repeat. This game is not easy. It is not the faint hearted. You have to be bold if you are to play it. However, in spite of the untold and incalculable difficulty of the game, it has tremendous fun. It is not easy to find fun in a difficult game, but this one has a lot of fun. It is a must play for all people who look forward to getting out of boredom. Maybe you are one of them. Play it and get past the boredom.


The Wiki game

This is a game for the lover of Wikipedia. You are the one to decide on which level to play. It offers a real training mode where you can learn the ways of playing the game. Your main opponent is the computer, but you have the option of inviting other bored team members to play with. Do you want to make the game hard on you and your mates? Do not use the United States of America for a pathway. Look for other countries and you will see the difficulty in the game.

Prince of Persia

Your main role is to save the princess. You can use any method to ensure that the baddies are killed. You could jump to get momentum or climb to hide from the enemies or to look for other buddies who are hunting for the princess. This game is free online. However, please remember to mute the sound! Or better still, insert your headphones. The sound of the game is too noisy to be heard by every one of the people you seek to hide from.



In this game, your main tools of trade are the Google Maps. This is a game made for you to guess. You are left into an unknown location and your main task is to guess where you are. You are free to use the clues available. For instance, the road signs are written in which language. This will help you. You may also choose to be bold enough to guess freely. You can play against the computer or another bored person as you are.

Hey there! While surfing on the internet, somehow our most primary purpose is to get some good entertainment. If you surf a quality time on internet probably at your job or for your working then you too are familiar with the need of entertainment to keep you going till the end.

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