Do you feel that the same websites have been offered to you for so long? Do you need to have a better view of some funny websites that could crack your ribs a bit? Are you in pursuit of some new internet corners that could fire your ribs up with great enthusiasm? Well, believe you me; you are in for a treat of your life. Here, I will share some of the best sites that will try your wit in a classic manner. View some of the best sites here:-

  1. Ted

In Ted, I guarantee you that you have over 1800 interesting talks that are not only informing but also entertaining to choose from. You can’t miss something to love from such a wide selection.

  1. Difference between

Well, this is a funny name for a site. Imagine a site with the name, “Difference between!” You will definitely want to try your eyes here. Do that now. The site gives you witty differences between some of the most troublesome words on earth. For instance, what is the difference between fiddle and violin, socialists and communists among many others? Try your hands here.


  1. The Geocities-izer

You will see how cities looked way before you were born. You will have a better view of the changes that have been experienced in some of the great cities that you have ever known on earth.

  1. Wikipedia random

Well, you did not expect this. Falling into a rabbit hole and exploring more topics on the web. This is what you get to see once you visit this page. It is full of fun and wit. Try it.

  1. Whizzpast

This is the best place for you to use so as to learn the past where you are coming from. The past is amazing and packed with action. View it here.

  1. Find the invincible cow

Did you ever think that there is an invincible cow? Oh no! On this site, I just caution you to adjust your audio upwards but not to the maximum.

  1. Sporcle

Are you a person who rejoices in some witty quizzes? Here you are. Sporcle offers a chance to answer as many as you want as well as a chance to create other questions for other people to answer.


  1. Zooniverse

This site makes you a scientist. You are treated to some real scientific subjects and projects. You will be able to have a chance to explore the moon’s surface. You will only be able to this if you can participate in some research online.

  1. Lang-8

Do you want to learn your language more? On this site, you are allowed to write in a language that you understand more. Once you make any mistake, there are some language gurus that will correct you.

  1. Silk

Are you a drawing person? Do you flourish in drawings? Then here you are. You get a chance to create some wonderful works of art and people will have the freedom of sharing what you have done.

Hey there! While surfing on the internet, somehow our most primary purpose is to get some good entertainment. If you surf a quality time on internet probably at your job or for your working then you too are familiar with the need of entertainment to keep you going till the end.

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